Vardøhus Museumsforening, Norway

The Vardøhus Museumsforening is a voluntary organization founded in 1894 that collects and preserves cultural, historical, natural-historical objects and military history, mainly from the municipality of Vardø (Norway).

All activities organization provides by its members voluntarily. The most valuable building managed by this association is the military fortress of Vardøhus, which is located directly in Vardø. The fortress is the northernmost military fortress in the world. It is a national symbol of Norway and has been renovated in recent years.

The partner from Norway will provide expert consultations in the field of restoration of historical monuments. He will be a consultant in the creation of the exposition of the archaeological site.

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Maximilián Hell Primary school, Štiavnicke Bane, Slovakia

It is the only school in the world where the school subject Falconry is compulsory. The education of students at this school focused on education in the topics of climate change and perception of the natural environment. Teaching is often located directly in the forest environment. Pupils’ education focuses on forestry education closely linked to understanding and nature conservation. Falconry not only educates students about the ancient form of hunting with trained predators but also teaches them responsibility, mutual respect, humility, tolerance and patience.

The primary school will provide professional assistance in creating a permanent falconry scene, a falconry presentation for visitors to Ľubovňa Castle and training of birds of prey.

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Civic association „Friends of Ľubovňa Castle“, Slovakia 

“Friends of Ľubovňa Castle” is a civic association dedicated to the development of Ľubovňa Castle in the form of promotion, educational programs, organization of training and educational events in the field of historical art and the like. At the same time, the association undertook closer cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations and institutions with a similar focus exchange of information and professional, cultural and social activities.

As part of the project, the civic association will assist with the communication between the Ľubovňa Museum and the local community and help to create cultural and educational programs. He will actively participate in joint project activities. It will integrate the local community into the museum’s activities.

Lubovna Castle civic association