Activity Nr. 1

The reconstruction of the historical monument

The reconstruction of the monument includes the processing of project documentation, which include documents for the reconstruction, measurement reports and exact reconstruction procedures. Project documentation was preceded by the development of an engineering-geological survey of the area around the castle well, a survey and static assessment of the preserved parts of the wall’s masonry and the uncovered finds of the barracks on the 3rd courtyard. The works resulting from the project documentation will include drainage of the 3rd courtyard, reconstruction of the well/cistern and the castle wall.

Activity Nr. 2

Presentation of the archaeological exposition

The presentation of the archaeological site will take place simultaneously with the construction modifications of the monument. In this way, the Lubovna Castle visitors will follow the creation of the archaeological exposition from its beginnings. It is currently a frequently used way of presenting exhibits, finds and the work of museum experts. The archaeological exposition will include the presentation of military barracks in the form of traditional crafts and modern technologies.

Activity Nr. 3

Falconry Castle Ľubovňa

Creation of a permanent falconry scene at Lubovna Castle presenting the work of falconers, demonstrations of training birds of prey, work with visitors with special needs – Aves therapy.

Activity Nr. 4

Medieval everyday life

Craft activities presentation at Lubovna Castle.