Ľubovňa Museum – the Castle in Stará Ľubovňa has been systematically examining the area of ​​the former military barracks from the 17th century located on the 3rd courtyard of Ľubovňa Castle. 

Ľubovňa Muzeum has implemented in 2017 thanks to the grant system of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic project “Continuation of Archaeological Research at 3th courtyard of the Ľubovňa Castle – military barracks ”. Archaeological research uncovered the interior of the military barracks and detected the western wall of the military barracks, revealing the supposed stone structures – partitions that correspond to the military mapping from 1773.  Along the entire length of the eastern fortification were captured the remains of a fence.  More details are described in a Polish lustration from 1564. Near the renaissance palace, a walking level of an uncovered shooting range at a depth of 6 m from the current ground level was discovered. 

Military barracks were heated by tiled furnaces which are evidenced by exposed stone architecture and numerous finds of polychrome tiles with floral, zoomorphic, anthropomorphic and geometric decoration.

The research was rich in movable finds – shards with multicoloured glaze, engraved decoration, coins from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, copper buttons, and musket bullets. The research results provide clearer information in connection with the construction development of Ľubovňa Castle and contribute to better processing of architectural and historical research.